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Authentic Roots

Ancient Wisdom

Handed down in an unbroken lineage, Buddha's practical methods for solving real-world problems are accessible worldwide today.

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Enduring Relevance

Modern Life

The methods revealed within Buddhism have stood the test of time and are as relevant today as they were 2500 years ago.

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Scientific Methods

Practical Solutions

Buddha’s teachings are scientific methods for improving our human nature and qualities through developing the capacity of our mind.

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Develop Peace

Benefit All

We all wish to make a difference in our world. Find out how your activities can contribute to world peace.

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  • The Mirror of Dharma With Additions

    This book, 'The Mirror of Dharma' - Dharma means the teachings of enlightened beings - gives practical advice on how we can solve our daily problems of uncontrolled desire, anger and ignorance, and how to make our human life meaningful.


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