The New Heart of Wisdom

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Geshe Kelsang's latest book, The New Heart of Wisdom, is now available in print and ebook format.
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About this Book

  • Understanding the relationship between our mind and our world
  • A special method for overcoming difficulties in daily life
  • Removing obstacles to realizing our full potential

This completely new presentation by the author of Modern Buddhism offers truly liberating insights and advice for the contemporary reader. It reveals the profound meaning of the very heart of Buddha’s teachings - the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras.

The author shows how all our problems and suffering come from our ignorance of the ultimate nature of things, and how we can abandon this ignorance and come to enjoy pure, lasting happiness by developing a special wisdom associated with compassion for all living beings. .

From the Book:

"Through the study and practice of this Sutra we can gain a perfect understanding of the ultimate nature of all phenomena, overcome hindrances and difficulties in our daily life, and finally overcome the obstacles preventing our full awakening and thereby attain the enlightened state of a Buddha. We are indeed fortunate to have met these essential teachings of Buddha . . . "

Reviews of previous editions

An excellent book . . for the serious student of Buddhism a better book would be hard to come across.

The Middle Way

. . . both excellent and comprehensive.

North American Board for East West Dialogue

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